dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Waking Up Paralysed

By Patrick D, 44, Underlying Psychosis Disorder. I suffered this a lot in my early twenties when the rave scene was still strong. I put it down to the lingering chemicals in my system from all night discos playing havoc with my brain’s chemistry. This was not true because I still suffer sleep paralysis now over ten years later as a clean tee-total guy who maintains a healthy diet. It’s not half so bad of late because I’m used to it, but there were times when I would wake up screaming in a state of pure terror. It was very, very frightening. There’s a word for that vague waking up state: Hypnagogic. As in: Hello, my name's Patrick, and I have strange hypnagogic experiences. The scary thing is that you’re fully conscious. The eyelids can become transparent, so you have limited vision of your environment. I nearly always hallucinate in this state (my pillow can become a grim reaper riding a ghoulish goat), and I can hear all manner of things, as if still in the dream state. That is to say, I am still half in the dream state, which kind of makes anything possible. I have actually felt something touch me in this situation, which scared the bejesus out of me (that’s when I screamed). That’s happened three or four times in my life (although the last time it occurred I wasn’t bothered because I’ve since wised up to what’s going on). The best advice I can give is to remain calm. Try and enjoy it. Treat it as an out-of-body experience. See how long you can last. Test your bravery. Remember, you can wake up at any time once you reach a certain point, you just have to strain yourself back into the world of the living. It’s hard to see it through because of how vulnerable your body is. It’s like a dead weight encasing you, I know. But remaining relaxed is the answer. There’s nothing natural about being paralysed. I put it down to a malfunction in the motor networks of my brain because the brain is very complex and it must do all kinds of strange things when resting. I likened it to a computer crashing. Incorrectomundo. The brain is a simple thing compared to today’s super computers, and it’s possible to hook your brain up to a far more powerful computer via electromagnetic radiation without you even knowing about it for many years. We are in the age, ladies and gents, of BCIs (brain computer interfaces). This is not the future, this is today’s present technology. Personally, I know that stuff like sleep paralysis is a third party toying with your brain. If you think this is not possible then you may not be ready for the truth yet (who wants to believe something like this?). I wouldn’t have believed it myself a year or so ago. But I deal in facts, and this is what we can do now. Your brain is both a transmitter and a receiver. It’s defined by electric currents. Each of your thoughts has a different frequency. They can be monitored and decoded. Take out and feedback is what it's all about. Your motor functions can be immobilised and a whole load of other stuff too. It’s mad, I know, it’s sooo mad, but it’s true. This is not my illness! I wish it was, lol. Go in Peace now, and God Bless.

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