dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Supermarket Decapitation

I only nipped in for some garlic bread...
Well what about that poor pensioner who was so grisly beheaded in a Tenerife supermarket? Alarm bells ring back to a similar story of a former mental patient nut here in England who wrote letters to the authorities stating his fantasies and intent to kill a woman. His warnings went ignored and he went on to repeatedly stab an innocent random female – in a supermarket.

If we can hardly believe what we’re reading, imagine the victim’s disbelief as a stranger took it upon his not-so-good self to detach her head at the neck? One minute you are browsing the “whoopsies” in the reduced section, or deliberating the BOGOF deal on pork faggots, and the next all you can see is your own blood.

Remember Derek Bird, that loony sourpuss from the Cumbria shooting rampage last June who went about “blasting” anyone and everyone? Incidentally, news reports used the word “blasting”, which for me glorified it, like he was 50 Cent blastin’ niggaz in the hood. Mums unloading shopping, dog walkers, gardeners – whoever he came across really. Imagine staring down the barrel and not knowing why. That feeling.

Watching CRIMEWATCH doesn’t help when you want to believe it’s a honky-dory world out there. Love thy neighbour? He or she might want to commit the perfect murder on you for no other reason than because he or she wants to.

But back to the most gruesome horror news story since I can remember, anyway. This guy must have been some fruitcake. Talk about voices in his head – he must have had an entire stadium’s worth from the deepest depths of crystal meth hell chattering in tongues via loudspeaker nonstop day and night. Strangely enough, The DAILY MAIL said that he had a “real wild moment”.

Excuse me? A real wild moment? A real wild moment? If he had dropped his shopping and left the store in a panic because the stench of the fresh haddock in the fishmonger’s kiosk was making him queasy – then that would qualify as a real wild moment. Or if he had suddenly burst into frenetic song and dance because his favourite pop number had come on the store radio – that would qualify too. Smashing an aisle to ribbons because they didn’t have the cereal he wanted would also be a real wild moment, or kicking off at the manager because he suspected they suspected he was shoplifting.

Sorry, but decapitating another human being next to shelves of I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER is slightly more than a real wild moment. More like a really wild dose of psychotic insanity.

Also, in the news, it’s reported that one eyewitness said the incident reminded him of THE CLASH OF THE TITANS. And that was it. They left it at that. As if that was all he cared to say. I guess he’s referring to the slaying of Medusa.
http://piebald77.blogspot.com/2010/11/medusa-screen-grabs.html One guy sat behind me in the library played the KEN BIGLEY execution on his phone once. The audio alone was truly disturbing in itself, let me assure you. But here we have a witness at the scene who has watched the full living impact of this kinda terror unreel before his very eyes in the flesh with all that blood and shock and adrenaline and squealing – oh Christ the squealing – and all he has to say is that it reminded him of a movie?



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