dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

Sunday, 20 June 2010

What I Want to Write

THE SECOND COMING, first and foremost. I need to read up on it in the bible. How will Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ reveal himself? Digitally? In the sky? This is the end of days after all and I would like to get done jotting some ideas down about the method in which humanity's judgement could appear to everyone, all at the same time.

TWO ROMANTIC RUNNERS, who run the same part of the same course on their tiptoes, by a strange coincidence.

A DUMB ZOMBIE, who gets battered.

RON TODD, the daftest character of them all. He has been in my mind for over a year and is probably script material. He makes money by selling salt as drugs.

THE BOTCH JOB TERRORIST, a sketch about some other daft dude who is having a nightmare trying to blow himself and everyone else up......he just can't do it.

WHEN SPECIES MEET, about what different types of animals (or the brutes, as Aristotle called them) might say to each other when they meet, if they could talk.

I am not writing any more books. Once the 50% Rude stories are done that will be an unlucky 13 in all. I would rather write speculative scripts. SALFORD HAM will be my first. I would rather revamp/rewrite/revise SLITHERING LAKE before writing another book. I would rather begin to type up the novel TOUCHED, or, more likely, type up a particular part of it which is long enough to be a short book in itself. Or type up the condensed version of Touched (which you might say takes the book tally to 14), which doesn't even have an ending after 8 or however many years. All of this demands my attention before starting another book......and yet the lure of a new journey does, in its perversity, have its own appeal.

Damn, even compiling a book of poetry should take priority before a new book. The last two have been short story collections, THE VIOLENT ARSONIST was (and still is) a mess, EXHAUSTURBATION got pissed and flew off on a tangent......going further back, most of TRAGIC UNITY and DREAM KIDS got LOST! Why not write 'em back again?

There could be so much work to be done on the books that already exist that starting a fresh one seems like feeding more and more coins into the slot machine when I should be pressing the collect button and taking stock.

It's a bit of fear, unwilling to start the long road of at least 40 odd thousand words, and be connected with characters for longer periods. The point of short stories is to cover as many interesting themes and ideas, and make them as diverse as possible, whereas in a book you're banging your head against the same few premises until you break through into a couple more. And that's the allure......where you might end up.

I am on the verge of finishing a short story which has been calling to be written for a couple of months. I had to lay it down and I feel better for it. I really don't have that much more to say. It is all just ridiculous comedy now, because I want to have a laugh. I will never see the point in writing commercial novels without getting paid for them. I've written one novel and one novel is enough; if you can't say what you want to say in one then the quality will suffer, in my opinion, unless they get better and better. Some of these commercial novels are all the same. It is more of a craft, rather than expressing oneself. Not disrespecting it at all, mind you, just envious of that best-seller prestige a radical-but-unheard-of novella could never achieve......

I don't wanna be a GEEK NERD writer sat at a desk all his life. I want it to just be a phase I went through while becoming something else.

And pigs might fly.

P.S The Widnes and Warrington writers of DNM FICTION® by the way are very cool and trendy! In this circle, being a 'creator of worlds' is like being a celebrity. Like normal people, only better.

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