dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

dark am i, yet lovely, a lily among thorns, majestic as stars in procession

Saturday, 4 September 2010

DOWN BUT NOT OUT by Got Boulders (Part3)

Size Matters

The strangest thing Got ever saw in a gymnasium was an adult screaming in the main pool of the swanky David Lloyd. The adult looked like the comedian James Cordon with armbands and goggles on, and he was screaming at the very top of his high shrill girly voice with giddy excitement, splashing himself, the petite woman who was supposed to be looking after him, and anyone else daft enough to be within reach. This ecstatic screaming was still going on when Got Boulders was getting changed to leave, and put him off what he now terms ‘MTV’ gyms for life. Hardcore iron pits are where it’s at for the hungry up and coming pups. Steam rooms, saunas and pools are fine for pampering, but just make sure you have built your size before you earn the right to take it easy. It’s impossible to train with bikinis in your vision. For many, it’s a case of some light ‘pumping up’ before ‘hitting’ the Jacuzzi.
Part 3 of 3
The next day I wake up and everything is better. The day after that my delts are sore. The cold mean universe ain’t so forbidding when you’re wearing big aching deltoids. In all my years of training, I could never achieve sore delts. I would split the workload with arms or chest.

These days I hit them alone. I play to my strengths and forget everything else. To hell with the balanced package for never-satisfied judges. I’m not obsessive anymore, hammering legs and back all through the week, no – just shoulders, every now and again. When I feel them start to shrink, I’ll show them who’s boss with a non-stop session. And with each session I grow. Not just physically, either.

I fight back against this big bad world. When I’m in shape and carrying some bulk up top then this cruel planet is a piece of piss. I own wherever I f**king walk and get done owning most of the local tosspot wannabe Gs who walk close-by me. You’ll see. If it’s a choice between coming across as an arrogant snarling hothead or being holed up indoors not wanting to exist then that’s the way it’s gotta be.

Stuff your Megane Sports and other posing mobiles too. It takes a man to walk the streets. I’ll start again from the bottom and work myself back up (if I want to).

The gym is a good place. Certain images (tight tops, tans and baby oil) give it a bad name, but trust me, it gets in your blood and becomes the most honest thing about you. Especially without performance-enhancers.

To dedicate yourself to the gym is to embrace a world of pain. If you are hurting in your life then it is a matrimony made in hell which you learn to interpret as heaven. No pain, no pain, is my motto. I can live with peg legs and spaghetti arms, but my caps are all I’ve got left.

I kiss each one goodnight before I get into bed. These are my babies now.
Due to recent complications, Got has been advised to no longer lift weights. He ignores this advice.
"It is the man that looks outward to find excuses that will FAIL. The man that looks inward to find strength will be victorious and OVERCOME.”
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